Adult Education


 Please read both updates,

and save the date of Nov. 19th for a special presentation by Rags, Ramsey and Lee!

UPDATE #1: New DVD series starting Nov. 12: Goliath Must Fall

It’s not the height of the giant … but the size of our God.

It’s likely you have a giant in your life. It’s holding you captive, intimidating you with its taunts, and stealing your joy. Adversaries such as fear, anger, addiction, and others can stake a claim and, before you know it, gain a foothold in your heart. How do you live as if these giants are dead and silenced once and for all?

Come join us for a new Adult Ed DVD series starting Sunday, Nov. 12th at 10:20:

Goliath Must Fall - Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Louie Giglio (pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, founder of the Passion movement, and author) examines the David and Goliath story to show us we should focus on the size of our God, not the height of your giants. As they go down, you gain freedom to walk in the victory Christ has already won over the enemies that rob you of God’s best for your life.

We hope you will come join us at Adult Ed this Sunday at 10:20 in the Parish Hall for coffee and snacks and great fellowship.

UPDATE #2: Rags, Ramsey & Lee’s Trip to the Holy Land – Special Adult Ed on Sunday, Nov. 19th at 10:20   SAVE THE DATE

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel from South Carolina to the Holy Land? Come join us on Nov. 19th at 10:20 and find out! As many of you know, our own Rags Coxe, Ramsey Gilchrist, and Lee Jones joined a group of men from our diocese who recently visited the Holy Land. On Nov. 19th at 10:20, they will tell us about their trip. Don’t miss this special presentation!