Pastoral Care

The purpose of the pastoral care team is to bring the love of Christ to those members who are unable to come to church and who are in need of a pastoral visit. Specifically, the team coordinates hospital & home visitations offering prayer, Home Communion, or simply Christian companionship.

Current Pastoral Care Activities
1. Weekly Healing Service: Thursdays at 10:00AM in the Church (Clergy)
2. Hospital & Home Visitations with or without home Communion (Lay & Clergy).
3. Bi-weekly Chapel Services at Morningside Assisted Living (Lay & Clergy).
4. Prayer Ministry – Parishioners and non-parishioners prayed for at Sunday Worship services and e-mail prayer team (Lay).
5. Holy Home Cooking - A food ministry to members of the congregation who are recovering from illness or have a short-term pastoral care need. The cook team prepares homemade frozen meals and stocks them in the freezer in the Church kitchen. As pastoral needs arise and are confirmed through the pastoral care team or clergy, the meals are delivered. (Lay)
6. Flower Ministry - Unwanted flowers from each Sundays services are broken down and placed in small vases and then delivered to our shut-ins and others who are ill or recovering from illness.
7. Card and Call Ministry - Cards are sent to members who are ill, recovering from illness, grieving from a family loss or may be in a Nursing Home. Cards are also sent periodically to those away at College or in the Military. Periodically calls made to those who are ill or those who are out of touch.
8. Griefshare is a support group for anyone who has lost a spouse or a loved one. The group is formed on a "as needed basis" and anyone is encouraged to contact the Church office (843-546-4358) and schedule an appointment with Clergy to discuss when the next group session can be offered. 
Pastoral Care Communication Process
1. Awareness: Information of a pastoral need is shared with the Church office from a family member, a lay member, or Clergy.
2. Confirmation: The specific pastoral need is confirmed by the Church office (either the Church Parish Administrator or Clergy) and confidentiality with the individual or a member of the family.
3. Communication & Assignments: The Church office directs the pastoral need and contact information to the Pastoral Care Committee who makes the visitation assignments with a team member. Schedules of Visitations and Assignments are made in semi-monthly Pastoral Care Committee Meetings.