Sunday Preview

Our usual Sunday schedule consists of three worship services. Please go to our home page and then click on "Worship with Us" for a description of our regular schedule of Sunday services.

JUNE 11, 2017

9:00 Service (led by our praise band)

Prelude:         He Knows My Name

Processional: Holy Holy Holy

Hymn:            Across The Lands Gradual

Hymn:            Holy Spirit

Offertory:        Blessings (Laura Story) Soloist: Grace Geer

Communion:  Lord I Need You;  Simplicity

Recessional:  Your Great Name

11:00 Service (led by our organist and choir)


Processional:    Hymnal, 362 Holy Holy Holy 

Gradual Hymn:  Hymnal, 371 Thou Whose Almighty Word

Offertory:           Out Of The Depths I Cry To Thee (K Lee Scott) 

Communion:      304 I Come With Joy To Meet My Lord

                          321 My God, Thy Table Now Is Spread

Recessional:     423 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise