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Prince George News and Announcments

The other day in conversation a child made a statement that brought a smile to my face. They declared with absolute assurance how the internet had been around for about two hundred years. The innocence of the child’s statement was sweet, humorous and endearing. It was for this child a sincerely held belief, completely false, but sincere...Read More

Shoeboxes are available for pick up at the back of the Parish Hall or in the Church. If you have not already done so, please make sure to get yours this coming Sunday and sign the check out sheet. Instructions for filling them are inside the boxes. Please remember the shoeboxes MUST be returned by November 4th. There will be cartons in th...Read More

Thank the Lord we were spared most of the damage from Hurricane Florence and the flooding. Our neighbors in Conway were not so lucky. At the recent Men's Summit our Bishop Lawrence asked for our help. There are several ways to help, ranging from physical labor, to preparing supplies, to helping organize relief. He stressed that our pra...Read More